Hudson's Hot Spots, Hudson MA

Hot Spots in Hudson, MA

Cowork Hudson isn’t the only hot spot in Hudson, MA. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat, drink, relax with friends, or just look around, Hudson has it all! But you need to know where to look. So look below for the hottest spots in Hudson!

Local Food and Drink Hot Spots

New City Microcreamery

This is truly the coolest hot spot. They push the ice cream envelope, creating new, unique flavors that you can’t find anywhere else. Getting ice cream at New City Microcreamery is an experience every man, woman, and child should have. Even those with dairy allergies can walk away satisfied; there are always non-dairy flavors. But if you don’t like ice cream, don’t worry! They also have coffee and scrumptious pastries. If the food doesn’t keep you coming back, then the hipster-chic vibe will!

Less Than Greater Than

Now, this one can be a little tricky to find. Less Than Greater Than is a hidden speakeasy, marked by a cobbler shop sign. And when I say hidden, I mean it. But I’ll let you in on the secret. To get in, you tap on the wooden window in the back of New City Microcreamery. Then walk in, and feel free to enjoy their several Asian fusion style appetizers and meals. And of course, they have a wide variety of well-crafted drinks. But what really makes Less Than Greater Than unique is their alcoholic ice creams frozen with liquid nitrogen. The sense of drama and secrecy behind this bar and their imaginative drinks may perhaps be the best part. Essentially, it is less than a restaurant and greater than a bar.

Harvard Sweet Boutique

For all of your pastry needs. I mean it; there isn’t a pastry you can’t find at Harvard Sweet Boutique. The moment you walk into the store, your mouth waters. It’s not just from the sight of the perfect, delicate pastries, but rather the smell. The wonderful aroma of baking and sugar and comfort fills your nose the moment you walk in. Not only are the pastries delicious; the prices are affordable too. The vibe is wonderfully fun and inviting, with pink, green, and polka dots everywhere!

Mullahy’s Cheese Shop

Imagine a room full of every kind of cheese in the world. That’s Mullahy’s Cheese Shop. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by such a large selection of cheeses, don’t worry! The workers will attend to your cheese needs immediately. And, they encourage you to sample any of their artisanal cheeses! But they also sell nuts, chocolate, bread, olives, crackers, jams, caramels, and pickled goods. Essentially, anything that can be paired with cheese! This cute, welcoming hot spot is sure to make you smile and say “cheese”!

Horseshoe Pub and Restaurant

This hot spot will definitely leave you feeling warm, full, and happy. Horseshoe Pub and Restaurant provides the traditional pub atmosphere as well as delicious food. Located in an old building built in 1832, this restaurant has a fun, cozy, and charming character that fits nicely with the food – and the drink. The ‘Shoe provides a big selection of wine, beer, and cocktails. As their website says, “Enter as Strangers…Leave as Friends”.


Rail Trail Flatbread Co.

Rail Trail Flatbread Co. is definitely one of the most popular spots in Hudson. Because who doesn’t love a tasty flatbread pizza? The flatbread pizzas are even made right in front of you in the big, brick oven. It is quite literally a hot spot! But if flatbread’s not your thing, there’s a large menu full of pub-style options – but a little classier. It’s the perfect combination: a casual, relaxed environment you can enjoy with friends and an upscale meal.

Cafe 641

Care for a crepe? Cafe 641 is known for its crepes, both sweet and savory. Though the wide array of options can be overwhelming, you can’t go wrong with any of their luscious crepes. Of course, they have other food too. Sandwiches, burgers, salads, and drinks are all available at this cafe. And good news breakfast lovers! Breakfast is served all day at Cafe 641. It’s never too late in the day for bacon! It’s a great place to unwind with a good book and even better food.

Medusa Brewing Company

Searching for a fun place to hang out with a big group of friends? Medusa Brewing Company is most definitely the right place for you. Serving a wide variety of handcrafted ales and lagers and home to an enormous 50-foot bar, this place is the definition of fun. If you’re looking for a more formal setting, the Beer Hall has what you need, complete with hand-built mahogany tables. They follow a BYOF policy, meaning if you want food, you should bring it yourself. This way, they don’t have to waste time making food and instead, can focus on what they do exceptionally well: beer.

Main Street Bagel Factory

Like their bagels, this cafe is fresh out of the oven. Main Street Bagel Factory, which opened its doors on July 11, has fresh, savory bagels and enticing donuts that will certainly make your morning. If you want a larger meal, they also offer a variety of breakfast and lunch sandwiches, as well as salads. And don’t forget about their drinks! They offer cappuccinos, coffees, coffee frappes, slushies, iced tea, and more. There is plenty of seating indoors, but if you want to enjoy your coffee and bagel outside, there is a lovely outdoor seating area. This bagel factory will fill all of your breakfast and even lunch needs.

Victor’s 50’s Diner

If you are longing for the ’50s, this is the right restaurant for you. With a 1950’s vibe and warm, hearty meals, this diner will make you nostalgic yet satisfied. It has quick service and affordable meals that will leave you with a smile on your face. And, Victor’s Diner has all the American classics, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Eggs? Pancakes? Coffee? Bacon? This retro, friendly diner has it all. Be sure to visit this Hudson gem and get transported back in time to the 50’s!

Other Hot Spots


Want to test your puzzle and detective skills? Puzzlescape offers puzzle/escape room adventures – which are all the rage! You are locked in a room for 60 minutes with your friends (sometimes they put you with strangers if your group is too small). Together, as a group, you search for clues, answer puzzles, and find anything that could help you escape! Great for friends, families, teams, parties, corporate groups, and more! You are sure to have a fun time in a room of your choice. Will you be able to escape in time?

Hudson Art and Framing

Even before walking in, Hudson Art and Framing gives off a creative, artsy vibe. Perhaps it’s what’s written on the door: “All you need is love and art”. That sums up this store full of gadgets, jewelry, ceramics, and art. For 25 years, Hudson Art and Framing has helped with all of your framing needs. Seriously, they can frame anything. If you don’t want to frame anything, still feel free to walk around the store and browse the beautiful ceramics and art. Just walking into the store will fill you with inspiration!

B. Barton & Company

Roam around this electric and hip hot spot and see what you can find! B. Barton & Company is an antique store that offers a mix of classic vintage, antique, and repurposed home furnishings. Careful not to get lost; the huge variety and number of objects and furniture available can suck you in and return you with missing days! The owner is very warm and welcoming and is always willing to help. Check out this vintage hot spot with friends or by yourself and see what you can uncover!

The Haberdash

Though this store is not yet open, I can already tell that it will be a hot spot. A mini store of Crompton Collective in Worcester MA, this store will have handmade wares and gifts, as well as some clothes. The Haberdash has a wonderful vintage hipster vibe, and their displays will certainly want to make you redecorate your whole home. Keep a look out for The Haberdash’s opening – it will be a truly inspiring and lovely store!

C.A.S. Handmade Inc.

Yes, it’s another artsy, handmade wares store. Sensing a trend? C.A.S. Handmade Inc. has unique and breathtaking handmade gifts, wares, and home goods that fit perfectly with Downtown Hudson’s vibe. Each piece is its own work of art – it would take hours to appreciate each item as it should be appreciated. It has ceramics, clothing, bags, jewelry, and more in a clean, refreshing space that is full of color. This store really is #aesthetic.